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Aston Martin Racing

Aston Martin Racing

Using Live Race Data to Bring Fans Closer to the Action

The Task

To amplify Aston Martin Racing’s continued brand awareness campaign, Orange Bus set out to develop a responsive mobile app that enabled fans to track races live and hold industry insights in the palm of their hand.

We’ve successfully used social media to connect with our fans, but these apps go one step further. They enable fans to get closer to our team, drivers and cars than ever before, viewing the information that they want, when they want it.

Jeremy Scoones, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Aston Martin Racing

The Action

We explored what made AMR fans tick and how they behaved across platforms, before our developers created high-accuracy, digital models of each racing circuit in order to interface AMR’s on-track system with our mobile app. Rapidly transferring live telemetry data from the racetrack we delivered real-time services such as car speed, track location and race position.

The Results

For the first time, Orange Bus had made data on car performance globally accessible to motorsports fans. Downloaded across continents, the access-all-areas app allowed fans to track the four Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTEs, as well as view driver profiles, team news and race calendars, with content updates managed by Aston Martin Racing.

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